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Forum Rules

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This forum has been created so all of us can sell Griffith/TVR cars or parts. As such, here are a couple of guidelines that must be followed if you chose to participate on this forum:

Sellers Guidelines:

- If your thread does not meet any of these guidelines it is subject to be removed.

- For Sale items MUST have an asking price, and it’s also recommended to have a location listed, so buyers can consider shipping/pick-up options/pricing (especially if it can’t fit in a box). Indicate your geographic location, either in the post itself or by filling out the "location" field of your profile.

- Listings are ONLY for Griffith related items, no generic part listings for everyday items. This is a specific user forum, not Craigslist or eBay.

- Commercial dealers are allowed to make listings without permission. Commercial dealers MUST obtain permission from an Administrator before posting in the used parts classifieds.

- You may *bump* your ad, but no more than once every seven (7) days. Any ads that have been bumped more than eight (8) times may be closed. After a thread is closed, the parts advertised in that thread cannot be posted again on this forum for four weeks.

- You may not create more than THREE different posts at any one time, or have more than four posts bumped onto the first page of the classifieds at any one time. The reason for this is to allow space for everyone to buy and sell

- No user is allowed to post a product for sale that they make. If you want to list a product that you make and sell it to the community you need to contact an Administrator to set up your product in our catalog.

- No illegal items allowed (items that are counterfeit, or are illegal copies of anything).

- Listing and placing links to used items on outside sites *is* allowed, providing that you specifically list a description of the item, and then give a link. No blind links. Linked posts may not be bumped.

- However, if you want to conduct an auction for your parts, please do not use this forum and use an auction site instead.

- The more text and photos you add, the more likely you are to sell. Add as many photos and as much text description as you need to adequately describe the parts.

- Try to avoid using capital letters and exclamation marks in the listing titles - these only serve to irritate people and thus they may skip over your listing.

- Make sure you have enabled "Email Notification" and "Private Message Notification," and have subscribed to your post so that you know when someone has posted a comment, question, or sent an email or PM regarding your ad.

- PayPal ( is a useful form of payment that is very popular with our users. Sellers that accept PayPal are often trusted more, typically get paid faster and have increased interest in their listings. Buyers, please note that if you send money using PayPal’s no-fee “Friends and Family” option there will also be NO refunds or investigations into fraudulent transactions of any kind by PayPal.

- When the item is sold, simply modify your post (using the edit button), to indicate that the item has indeed been sold. Posters are not allowed to delete threads - only edit them. Don't remove the original information, as that will render it useless for people to research historical price info. If you're unable to edit your original post please contact a Moderator or Administrator to edit it for you.

Buyer's Guidelines:

You can reply directly to vehicle parts FS/WTT/WTB ads, either in the listing or via Private Message

- It is appropriate to respond to an ad by either emailing or sending the seller a Personal Message (PM) through the board. If the individual did not leave contact info in the posting, please click on their username and select to private message the poster.

- Be polite, and don't trash someone else's listing. It's not polite to point out that the person is selling this part when there is one cheaper on eBay. However, if there are visible errors in the listing, it is then appropriate to follow up with comments.

- Check out the seller before sending your $$$. Get full information, including multiple phone numbers and addresses. Do a search on this forum to see if this person has a lengthy posting history and/or has sold items here before. Bad news travels fast, so double-check the archives, particularly on purchases that are high dollar. There are scam artists out there, BUYER BEWARE!!!!

- Use the search engine, but make sure that you check the date on the ad if you reply. If an ad is from 2010 and you reply to it, it will appear like the ad is recent, and the part will probably have long since been sold.

- Use the search engine to compare pricing and availability of an item. None of the previous ads are deleted, so you have access to a vast group of listings that you can use to track pricing trends, and availability.

- Most importantly, COMMUNICATE with each other. Ask the seller how long the item will take to ship, whether they will email you the tracking number, etc. All of this should be settled before money changes hands. Most buying and selling conflicts arise because of poor communication. Get each other's phone numbers and addresses!

Policy on Disputes:

Disputes will inevitably arise, but bringing them to the attention of the forum should be used only as last resort. You should exhaust all other options -- phone calls, emails, etc. -- and have a little patience in allowing legitimate packing and shipping delays before posting a complaint. Complaints must be fact-based, non-hysterical, and not personally insulting or inflammatory. They serve the purpose of warning others about someone's poor behavior, and hopefully convincing that person to make the situation right.


This site provides classifieds listing service at no charge and as a courtesy to our users. None of these listings here condoned, reviewed, or edited by the site Administration in any fashion. Again - buyer beware! The site Administration will not actively assist in mediating any complaints with respect to any transactions resulting from the placement of a classified ad.